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Transferring Study Abroad Credits

Before you depart for an exchange or an affiliated study abroad program you must complete the WVU Study Abroad Transient Form in order to transfer your credits from a foreign institution.

The Transient Form is a collaborative effort between the student, their academic, advisor, and the Office of International Programs. The transient form can be adjusted as necessary upon your return, so that it accurately reflects the courses you took abroad, as well as the appropriate WVU equivalent. 

An example of a completed transient form:

Transient Form

Important Things to Remember

  • The three columns on the left must exactly match the course numbers, course titles, and credit hours as they appear on your foreign transcript
  • The three center columns much match exactly to the WVU equivalents. You can find out what the WVU equivalent for the courses is by going to see an advisor in the corresponding department. 
    • EX: If you took a history course abroad, you will need to work with Department of History to see what that course will equivocate to here at WVU. The course may not have a direct equivalent, and will be transferred in as "open credit" from the respective department.
  • Once the information on the transient form matches your final transcript and has the necessary equivalencies completed, then you must have your transient form signed by your academic advisor in your home department/college.
  • Once the process is completed, you must bring your completed transient form to the Office of International Programs to be certified and processed.
NOTE: Sometimes credits transferred from abroad do not manually sync with DegreeWorks , so it important to check your unofficial transcript via MIX to see when your credits have been applied to your transcript.