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Info for Non-WVU Students

Can non-WVU student go on WVU programs?

Yes! Non-WVU students can easily participate in WVU study abroad programs, whether an exchange or a short term program.

What do I need to do to apply for a WVU program?

Applying to a WVU program is easy. You can create an account in the WVU study abroad system as a non-WVU participant, and complete the necessary program information. You also need to complete the WVU Visiting Student Application. This will make you a WVU student for the time of your study abroad program.

How do I pay for my study abroad?

As a visiting student, you will need to work with your home institution regarding the finances for your international experience. WVU will work with your home institution to apply your home financial aid and scholarships towards your WVU program.